Monday, November 3, 2014


Okay, Hannah at The Writer's Window tagged me to do a "Shelfie" post. Instead of a photo of myself, I am to post a photo of my bookshelf of favorite books.

But . . . which bookshelf of favorite books? I have bookshelves of children's picture books, of classics, of animal stories, of adventure stories, of fantasy stories, of romance stories, of research books (probably too many of those). And then there are the bookshelves downstairs . . .

So, I chose a few that might be most fun for readers to see.

First, a shelf of classics, including many I have used to teach literature classes for our local co-op in the past few years:

To be honest, many of the above are not exactly "favorites," but I enjoy reading them for reasons other than pleasure, I suppose.

Next, two shelves from one of the big bookshelves downstairs. When we moved this summer, I discarded many boxes of books (sadly), but these all made the cut. Some of them were mine when I was a child, all of them are loved. The upper shelf is animal books--the kind with more "realistic" animals. I have another shelf filled with books about talking animals.

The lower shelf includes some of my fantasy books. (Do you see Jenelle's there?) Now, keep in mind that many of my fantasy favorites are in my Nook, so I can't take pictures of them--including the Attolia books, many of Diana Wynne Jones's books, and several by authors whose name you would recognize (Morgan Busse, Ashley Willis, etc). The Chronicles of Narnia and Tolkein's books are on a shelf below these. I mean, really, how many books can fit into one photo? :-D

And you knew this one was coming . . .

I don't have my original Heartsong Presents books on display, only the stories in collections. I'm thinking Anne Elisabeth and I will each have a shelf to ourselves in just a few more years! But for now I am honored to share a bit of space with the Tales of Goldstone Wood and the fairytale collections. :-)

So there you are--a glimpse of my bookshelves!