Thursday, November 12, 2015

Any Animal-Loving Kids on your Christmas-gift List?

Have I got a great suggestion for you! I love good books, and when I discover good ones I want to share the fun.

If you haven't yet checked out the Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective Agency series for kids, this is your chance! Author Cindy Vincent currently has a fun interview on Amber's blog, plus a great giveaway offer. I want lots of children to have the chance to enjoy these delightful stories and love the kitty sleuths! So click the link below this picture and enter the drawing for a book for your favorite kid. :-)

I have purchased and read all four books in this series and enjoyed every one. It's the kind of series in which each book seems even more exciting and satisfying than the last!

I know that my kids would have loved these books, and I'm already thinking ahead for grandchild #1, who isn't due until April. Heh. Each story is action-packed with a clever mystery and great kitty characters. Buckley, the rookie-sleuth and narrator, a big fluffy black cat, is always growing in confidence and learning lessons about friendship and kindness. His pals, including Bogey (the lead detective of the agency) and wise old Miss Mokie and the lovely Princess (title character of book 1), interact in delightful ways to save the day for their human family and friends.

So if you have an animal-loving or mystery-loving child on your Christmas gift list, or if you (like me) enjoy well-written children's books yourself, be sure to jump over to Amber's blog and enter to win your copy of The Case of the Clever Secret Code, or buy it here.


  1. Thank you soooo much, Jill, for posting this for us! We love your blog and especially the header at the top! So clever! Is that Myles in the graphic?

    Buckley and Bogey send hugs and wet nose kisses. But they're not hanging around long, since it's time for their first surveillance run of the night and rumor has it a lizard may have snuck in through the front door . . .

    Thanks again!

    1. You're welcome, Cindy. :-) It's fun to have a series I can recommend with complete sincerity. I love your books! Hoping my post will bring you some new readers.

      My daughter designed my header and blog for me, and yes, that is me with Myles--in our idealized, svelte forms. ;-) She even added his protruding fangs!

      So glad to know that your kitties are vigilant! I'm sure you sleep well at night, knowing that they guard you against all invasive reptiles. Hugs back to Buckley and Bogey--my heroes too.

  2. This is so sweet of you, Jill! Thank you so much for sharing about the interview and giveaway. :) I have yet to read the first book and the latest in this series, but the two in between are fantastic! (I especially loved The Case of the Crafty Christmas Crooks - it packs a surprising emotional punch!) I'm really looking forward to reading my copies of the other two books!

    Thanks again for sharing, Jill! Aren't Cindy and her cats just the best? :)


    1. Hello Amber! I love these books and am always looking for something more I can do to spread the word! I hope my post brought a few more people to your blog to enter the giveaway and to try these books.
      Yep, Cindy and her cats are awesome. :-)