Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Foggy Days

I look to my right out the window and see silvery fog draping the trees along our driveway, which are starting to turn some lovely colors. This time of year always brings me feelings of nostalgia, sometimes a little sad, but mostly happy.

Fog is lovely on autumn scenery, but not so lovely inside my brain. Need to do a bit of fog-dispersion, here.

Mimi-cat perches atop her cat tree, gazing out at the same scene--but she is focused on chipmunks, not memories. Heh.

I wonder if chipmunk-hunting might improve my focus?

Myles says feeding-the-cats would do the trick. But he suggests this solution for every dilemma I face. He is another focused cat, purposeful and determined toward his ultimate goal.

Monte is meatloafing on the back of the sofa with his stripy tail curled around his feet. He looks content and a bit foggy-brained, himself. But he meets my gaze and blinks at me sweetly.

His spotty coat is back to feeling silky-soft and shiny, and he is actually putting on some plumpness--this is my cat that resembles a white cheetah, so plumpness is a welcome anomaly!

I wonder if I can rewrite/edit a chapter of my book before the official Feed-the-Cats hour? Focus, like Mimi on a chipmunk or Myles on tuna-dinner-in-a-can--that is my goal.

Do any of you readers have secrets for regaining focus on your work, whatever it may be? Please share!

How Mimas and Myles share the cat tree


  1. It was a very foggy morning at my house, too! But when my brain becomes a bit foggy, I usually pull out good ol' Shakespear or even one of your daughter's books for inspiration:) Reading a page or two of a favorite book usually gets me thinking again. I'm glad sweet little Monte is doing well!

    1. Hi Clara! Reading a good book usually can do the trick for me, too. I love the Goldstone Wood books--and I have a few other go-to authors that inspire me. Right now I'm reading Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini. It is so much fun, and set in the same time period and setting as my WIP, so it gives me lots of inspiration and ideas.
      Monte is dozing in the chair next to me, looking as if he has too many legs. (How do cats bend that way?)

  2. A nice brisk walk in the beautiful autumn scenery can help...hmm...I guess I better bundle up and give it a go! :o) ~Becky

    1. Hi Becky! That is a very good idea. I keep looking outside at the golden trees along our driveway . . . But I think I'll wait to walk until it stops raining. :-D Yesterday would have been ideal, but did I think of it? Nope.
      Hope you had a pretty walk!

  3. Thank you! Yes, I did have a great walk! I know what you mean though about the rain. Our part of Oregon just went through the wettest September on record. I was a bit damp and frizzled by the time I was back, but I usually feel better if I just make myself move. Most of the time it is much easier to stay inside.

    Did you try Anne Elisabeth's suggestion of Lindt's Carmel with Sea Salt? I'm sure that would help me focus! Then, again I would need to double my efforts to get outside and walk. :o)

    I'm looking forward to your upcoming novel. Now that the end of my homeschooling mom years are in site, it should be easier for me to find time to read something other than the Bible and curriculum. ~Becky

    1. Hi Becky! I know what you mean about little time for fun reading while you home school. I taught our kids from 1991-20012 (not counting preschool stuff), which made a long stretch. But I guess I can't quite quit, since now I'm teaching American Lit for our local co-op. :-D I have eight high school students and just love them. Teaching one class to eight students is easier than eight classes to one student, I find. LOL

      I haven't tried that flavor of Lindt chocolate yet--I guess I'm due. I lean more toward dark chocolate, which I nibble with craisins. We live in northern WI, so anything with cranberries is a must.

      Our fall color is peaking right now--so beautiful! I tend to get hermit-ish and live in my writing world, so I need a nudge (usually from my husband) to get me moving and back into reality.

      A hungry cat is also good at dragging me out of my chair. Speaking of . . .