Thursday, September 5, 2013

We Begin (and probably will end) with Cats

As I sit here contemplating a blank page with my equally blank stare, Monte puts his paws on my arm and asks for a lap to sit in.

Like magic, inspiration strikes! This is the Internet; therefore, if my blog is to be successful, it must include cats.


No room here. Move along.
Above we view the standard appearance of "my writing chair." It is actually the cat chair, although they allow me to use it once in awhile if I am very good. And if I leave the foot rest (cat rest) up when I retire to bed for the night.

Meet, clockwise from left: Mimas the Egyptian mau, Monte the ocicat, and Myles the Siamese.

And here is a portrait of Myles with his human background support:
Myles & Jill: drama & comedy
If I am very good, I might occasionally be allowed to mention my writings or thoughts connected with but not necessarily focused on the cats. I am, like all writers, at the mercy of my Mews.


  1. Love the cat pics! My aunt LOVED Siamese and almost every cat she had, it was a Siamese. So, I have a little soft spot for them. :-)

  2. Mews, Muse! Ah, what a wonderful pun! Congratulations on your blog, Mrs. Stengl! It's so beautiful!

  3. I can't wait for more posts on your lovely new blog! Your cats are adorable...I take it you started the tradition of starting all of your cats names with the letter "M"? :)

  4. Hello, Imps all!

    So fun to "meet" you here on my blog. Since I am a Goldstone Wood fanatic myself, I know each one of you by name and have read your stories and admired your artwork and music.

    Jennette, I love my "meezer" so much! He is my teddy bear.

    Hannah, I just love my blog design! My daughter spoils me rather dreadfully. And I do have a weakness for puns (mostly bad ones, I'm afraid).

    Clara Darling, actually the first of our "M" cats was Annieliz's dear Marilla, and then came Monte, who was her brother Jim's kitten long ago, and then I added Myles to the mix, and the "M" tradition has continued from there, at least in the de Silva branch of the family.

    I will tell more about our various kitties in future posts, of course. :-)

  5. Oh, such lovely cats! Am I seeing a theme in the coloring? They all look like a lovely almost-grey color, but with enough other colors to not make it monotonous. It may be the photo, though. Where would we authors be without our cats?
    Congratulations on getting a blog!

    1. Hello Athelas! Thanks for dropping in and commenting.
      Yes, there does seem to be a color scheme with our kitties. :-) Mimas and Monte are both spotty cats, although she is more silvery and he is more creamy. Myles is sable brown--a seal-point Siamese with creamy undercoat. I think they are all quite beautiful, of course!