Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kitten Cam!

How can it be Saturday again already?

I believe that time is speeding up. It cannot be merely my perception of it. Oh no.

I'm deep in the midst of rewrites. Overall, I like what I'm seeing, but there is definitely room for improvement!


On a happy note . . . Monte is doing very well. He has been on antibiotics for a week now, and oh! what a difference it is making! Who knows how long the poor guy was hurting with a UTI, and I didn't know it?

Now he is happy, purry, and cuddly. :-)

I am attempting to type this post with Myles curled up in my lap. I like a challenge. He is not so pleased by his moving pillow (my arm).


Want to see how I amuse myself between writing scenes (aka: waste time)?

Kitten Cam!!

I got addicted to watching Foster Dad John's litters of kittens back in December, starting with the Spice Kittens. Since then, I have watched the Aliens, Cosmonauts, Mythbusters, and now the Looney Tunes litters. John names the mamas and the kittens according to themes, you see.

This current family includes:
Hazel--patchy calico mama, who was an abandoned stray
Sylvester--mostly gray with white
Marvin--mostly white with gray spots, including a soul patch and emo fringe
Penelope--mostly white with calico patches
Taz--solid gray

I tend to check in on the kittens about once a day to catch up on their progress and get seriously attached. It is a great way to enjoy kittens without the expense and work! In another few weeks, they will all be spayed or neutered, and then adopted out to good homes through a rescue organization in WA state.

There is also a Facebook page with photos and updates: The Critter Room
And many of the former kittens and mamas have their own Facebook pages.



  1. I enjoy the kitten cam! The picture was very still, and Hannah and I were wondering if it was working when suddenly a cat came leaping through the window and trotted right past the camera. It's working! A couple of years ago I was checking on a bald eagle nesting cam daily. Sometimes I left it on just so I could listen to the wind blowing through the big cottonwood tree.

    By the way, I'm Hannah W's mom, and it's nice to stop by and say "hello". Congratulations on finishing your draft, and I'm very glad that your Monte is feeling better.


    1. Hello Becky! So pleased to meet you here. :-)
      I'm glad you had a cat sighting! :-) I usually click through the day (on the bar below) to find times when the kittens are active. At the beginning of each session you can usually find John socializing with the kittens and introducing them to new toys.
      I do sometimes leave the cam on in the background and forget about it--and then I hear strange bumping and rattling sounds . . . Not quite like wind in the trees, but still fun.

  2. I'm so glad that darling Monte is feeling better! I love the Looney Tunes theme for the Kitten Cam:)

    1. Thank you so much, Clara! I am too. It's funny how caring for a sick pet can make an even closer bond.
      I love the Looney Tunes theme too. The kittens are just adorable. I can't decide which is my favorite. It changes by the day.

  3. Jill, I am so happy Monte is feeling better, and very happy to see you in blog-land again! CONGRATS on finishing your rough draft!! I was just telling my dear SIL yesterday about you and your inspiring writing/creative career and how you've been getting back into novel writing again as of late. She's considering how she could balance family/kids/writing in the future, so she was encouraged. So am I. :)

    1. Hello there, "Lady Enide"!
      Yes, I am happy to be in blog-land again. It's been quite a long time.
      Thank you! I'm so pleased to have finished a rough draft again. Seven years has been a long dry spell. Now I need to get cracking on the rewrites, which are intimidating in their own way, ya know?
      It is difficult to balance family and writing. I think most mom-authors have to scale back their ambitions to manageable size while raising children. . . or risk losing their sanity.
      I would love to hear how you're doing! Hearing your baby's heartbeat is so exciting. :-)